Cooperation to ADB Mission for SWPS Demonstration

REEEP II extended its cooperation to an Asian Development Bank (ADB) Mission on development of Solar PV Road Map for Bangladesh in the field of water pumping. The mission visited at the demonstration sites of Solar Driven Drinking Water System installed in Khulna and Bagerhat from April 25-27, 2019 organized by GIZ in collaboration with SREDA. REEEP II also provided relevant knowledge products and study reports to the ADB mission.

ADB also organized a day long workshop on Solar PV Pumping Roadmap in Bangladesh at Sonargaon Hotel on 30 April 2019. Mr. Md. Helal Uddin, SREDA Chairman opened the workshop. Different topics such as: Role of Solar PV Pumps in the larger context on Renewable Energy; Challenges and Best Practices in Minor Irrigation in Bangladesh; Technical and Economic Aspects of Suitable Solar PV Pumps in Bangladesh; Business Models, Regulatory and Institutional Arrangements; Sources of Financing for Scale-up pf Solar PV Pumping from ADB’s Private Sector and Public Sector were shared by ADB consultants and senior officials.

Two sessions on Role of Solar PV Pumping in Irrigation – Technical Challenges, Policy and Financing, Role of Solar PV Pumping in Irrigation – Regulatory Impediments, Institutional Arrangements, and Role of Private Sector were discussed during the workshop. Director Generals from BADC, BMDA, Department of Agriculture Extension, BREB, SREDA, BERC, Participants ADB, SREDA, GIZ, JICA, KfW, WB, IDCOL and private sector participated the sessions. Programme Coordinator, REEEP II participated at the workshop as one of the panelists at a session on “Solar PV Pumping Irrigation”.