Promotion of Clean Cooking Practices

Sensitization in the household level under the leadership of SREDA is one of the major mandates of REEEP II. The Government has an aim to ensure 100% clean cooking by 2030. The project has provided technical assistance to SREDA in organizing several awareness campaign programmes on energy efficient cooking practices under the Household Energy Platform (HEP). During the previous phase of the project, a household energy efficient cooking solution- Retained Heat Cooker (RHC) was developed. This locally developed product, made of recycled material enables the user to complete half finished cooking through retained heat, cooked food can also be kept hot, thereby reducing cooking fuel consumption. Almost 40000 households are using this cooking solution. Several service providers from different parts of the country were trained for the sustainability and market promotion of the solution. Demonstration campaigns to promote the product have also been arranged. REEEP II organized such campaigns in Satkhira and Faridpur with the support of Kheya Samaj Unnayan Sangstha, a not-for-profit organization that provides employment to rural women. Through eight campaigns, more than 1200 villagers have been informed about locally available energy efficient cooking solutions. Additionally, together with HEP, a campaign to ensure 100% clean cooking in Faridpur district and Alfadanga was supported by the project. In collaboration with the local government bodies of these areas, awareness meetings and clean cooking fairs were organized, engaging the local residents and organisations.

Learn more about the Retained Heat Cooker: from Youtube .